Anna Berthelsen

Anna Berthelsen
Anna Berthelsen | Photo © Svein Tybakken

Anna Berthelsen

Anna Berthelsen (b. 1965 / Helsingborg, Sweden), is an educated textile designer from Sweden and Scotland. In 1993 she moved to Norway and started as a textile designer for Høie. Berthelsen lives and works in Kristiansand and runs his own art and design company with his own gallery and art café. She excelled in the textile design industry through a number of awards. In the last ten years, more and more time has been spent on their own projects. Berthelsen works with painting, prints, installations, decorations and inclusive art projects in collaboration with children. Berthelsen uses acrylic and mixed media in his paintings on canvas, steel and aluminum. Both glue, sand, photo, text and graphic elements are used to produce the right expression.

Her paintings are often characterized by tranquility, and that she has mastered making a gray-blue palette seem warm. Sea and sky are one of her great inspirations, and many of the motifs depict the interaction between the two elements. The use of sand in some of her works gives a wonderful experience of how a slightly rippling sea surface can reflect the sunlight, like warm glitter.

Anna Berthelsen also has a philosophical approach to her art. She co-operates "The world institute of slowness" which is a think tank around an idea of ​​"slow living". Living slowly, she believes, is a prerequisite for sustainable living. Therefore, the circle is also one of her most important formal elements. The symbol of eternity, a strong form that can withstand much, but at the same time has soft and elastic qualities. The titles of her works also carry a clear philosophical and moral idea. Through his very tactile work in mixed media on canvas, steel and aluminum, Berthelsen's paintings have a clear value point of view that can be nice to take with them in life.