Olga Grimsmo Nilsen

Olga Grimsmo Nilsen
Olga Grimsmo Nilsen | Photo © Eva Myklebust

Olga Grimsmo Nilsen

Olga Grimsmo Nilsen (b. 1954 / Norway), lives and works on Flekkerøya outside Kristiansand. Here, until the autumn of 2018, she also ran her own gallery. For Olga, art began his career with the pencil - the graphics eventually came. Since Olga is a trained carpenter and designer, the graphic expression with woodcuts was a good combination and a material that she loved to work with.

The motifs in Olga's graphics are often colorful and naive. They show children or angels in free expression. It is only when you read the titles that you realize that an adult's thinking is behind it. It started with copying the drawings for her own children, but eventually she learned how to draw as a child. Most of the images are based on their own experiences.