Tankpetrol | Photo © Nika Kramer


Tankpetrol (b. Poland), is a Polish street artist, now based in Manchester. He uses both, free hand and stencils as his medium, which he entangles with carefully placed background details, making neat, well-executed art pieces. His search of personal style and development led him to complex look, in which he tries to fade stencils and spray paint using other techniques like acrylic paint and various mixed media.

Although he doesn’t want to use multilayered stencils, in order to preserve a certain look of stencil art in his pieces, Tank’s works are highly detailed, full of background elements like geometric shapes, fonts and typography. Central figures in his work in most cases are women dressed in military fashion, surrounded by animals and depicted in strong posture.

Tankpetrol has gone on to be commissioned by Channel4, Diesel, Carhartt, San Disk, Adidas, Microsoft, Amazon and Red Bull. Tank has also exhibited internationally, starting off exhibiting at Upper Space Gallery – the first UK street-art gallery in the North West and going on to have packed out shows in London, Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, USA and Malaysia.



New artworks coming soon!